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Flukers Repta Liners color may vary

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The Repta-Liner is the ideal substrate for beginning reptile enthusiasts, the Repta-Liner provides pet owners with a safe, easy to clean substrate alternative. Great for lizards, tortoises and snakes. Choose from five sizes for the perfect fit in your enclosure. Available in green, blue or brown. 

Available in the following sizes:

  • 10" x 20" -fits 10 gallon tanks
  • 12" x 24" -fits 15 and 20 gallon tanks
  • 12" x 30" -fits 20 gallon long and 29 gallon tanks
  • 12" x 36" -fits 30, 38, and 45 gallon tanks
  • 12" x 48" -fits 55 and 60 gallon tanks

Why Repta-Liner?

Simple. Many manufactured substrates, particularly those made of hard plastic, are harsh on reptiles' undersides and feet and can eventually lead to skin irritation and puncture wounds. Fluker's Repta-Liner's soft, absorbent surface is especially kind on your pet's skin, both eliminating the possibility of abrasions and reducing your pet's exposure to pathogens caused by waste build-up on nonabsorbent substrate



Fluker's Repta-Liner should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis. Remove your pet and place it into a well-ventilated, escape-proof enclosure. To prevent the spread of disease, never wash the liner in a sink or bathtub used by humans. A liquid dish detergent in warm water can be used to remove organic waste. Be sure to completely rinse liner thoroughly after cleaning and allow liner to air out before replacing it in the animal's enclosure.