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Dwarf White Isopod 10pk

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Dwarf White Isopodsare small, softer bodied crustaceans that serve both as vivarium janitors and as supplemental food for herps, such as dart frogs and geckos, as well as invertebrates. Dwarf whites, also known as woodlice, may be the most widely cultured species of isopod. They’re adaptability make them ideal for a variety of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate habitat enclosures.Dwarf whites are one of the smaller isopod species. There diminutive size makes them a good choice for tank janitors in vivarium where larger isopods would otherwise be seen and eaten by the inhabitants. But their size also makes them a good supplemental food source for smaller animals such as dart frogs and juvenile geckos


Dwarf whites are omnivores and feed primarily on leaf litter, decaying plant matter, animal feces, and rotting wood